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Vogue Advertisements

While you might expect advertisements for Vogue picture records in trade publications such as Billboard, you'd probably be surprised to learn that Vogues were advertised quite extensively in consumer-oriented publications.  Gimbels placed a full-page ad in the May 5, 1946 issue of the New York Herald Tribune exclaiming "Gimbels and nobody else HAS colored unbreakable picture records".  Quoting from the ad:

"Gimbels, the HAS haven, the store of fabulous firsts, would be the store to bring you new and wonderful Vogue picture records!  Gimbels is first to bring them to collectors, to jitterbugs, old tune hummers, and all the other disc devotees of America.   Each of these records has two pictures in full color - one on each side."

If you couldn't make it to Gimbels, you could open your Sears, Roebuck, and Company 1946/47 Fall/Winter catalog and order any of eighteen different Vogue records or seven different Vogue albums.  What's especially interesting about this particular ad is that it lists Vogue catalog number R-716, which has never been seen.  Kind of makes you wonder if there's a big stack of those records gathering dust in some Sears warehouse in Chicago, doesn't it?  Click here to see a copy of the original ad.  (Note - these images are pretty big - 250kb total.)

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