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Sav-Way Discography

This is a compilation of information about all known records produced by Sav-Way Industries.  It includes the Vogue R700 series of picture records, the picture records produced by Sav-Way for Mercury (disc jockey pressings), and other miscellaneous picture records produced by Sav-Way (such as promotional pressings).

No written records survive from Sav-Way Industries, so it is impossible to provide production figures, exact release dates, or other factual information.  All that we have are the records, and the stories they tell.

Because the discography includes images of the records, we've split the discography into sections to make the pages load faster.  Click on the links below to view each section.

Section 1 - R707 through R721
Section 2 - R722 through R738/R747
Section 3 - R739 through R760
Section 4 - R761 through R786
Section 5 - Vogue albums
Section 6 - Miscellaneous records produced by Sav-Way, including:
    Vogue prototypes
    Twelve-inch Vogue picture records
    Mercury picture records produced by Sav-Way
    Promotional pressings
Section 7 - Oddities and One-of-a-Kinds

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