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Vogue Artwork

The illustrations used on many Vogue picture records are signed by the artist.  Ed Basl, a Vogue picture record collector, undertook the effort to track down the persons behind those signatures.  Ed kept a record of each of these searches, and has made that information available for our use.  Thanks to Ed's efforts, Richard Harker, Will Wirts, Sprink, Corbett, R. Forbes, and M. Kanouse are no longer names unattached to persons.

We hope to have Ed's narration of his searches available in the very near future.

There have often been rumors that the original artwork for some of the illustrations still existed - somewhere.  Thanks to R.C. Leggitt, we are able to share with you this picture of an incomplete water-color painting - by artist Ruth Corbett - that was in progress when Sav-Way went out of business.  It was intended to be used in a record that would have followed "Queen for a Day".  The portrait on the left side of the record appears to be that of Joan Edwards.  Could this have been the "missing" R783?

Click on the thumbnail image below for the full-size version.

Vogue collector Robert Merten has the original artwork for several Ruth Corbett illustrations, including the one noted above.  According to Robert, this artwork would have been for the song "What Have I Done for You Lately?" slated to appear on the never-produced R783.  Robert has graciously given us permission to share these images with you. Click on the thumbnail images below for the full-size versions.

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